After 23 months and 87.535km, it was time to take farewell from Renatas beloved R1250 Rallye Dakar. A litte sad was in the air.

Without any complications, this phantastic bike paved  our way to Motorcycle Travellers.

In our formula „Fascination Motorcycle Adventure“ and in chapter „Motorbikes“ we describe the importance for a „best-Motorbike-fit“ for yourselve. Renata asks herself, –  what can be improved for her use case?

There was one criteria which can be improved, we should expand our range!

On some days we need to tank for 3 times. In Norway we stopped one time due to a empty tank.

Renata´s next bike should be a also a R1250GS Adventure with a 30 Liter Tank and a range of > 500km

During the first sporty trip, Renata instantly falled in love with the Adventure Bike (2021-Model).  

I´m excited, this bike is driving in the same way and agile as my „normal GS“, my legs are better protected against wind, and I have the feeling this bike lies also a bit more stable on the roadwere her first comments.

In additon this gigantic ClearwaterlightsA addition safety issue, were Renata obviously could not be overlooked from other road users.

Many people, also men, are deterred from the massive appearance of the Adventure, but Renata never was impressed from this size.

You should test it, make a test ride und you will be convinced from the agility and handling.

If you are interested about Renata´s first experiences and feelings with this bike, please don´t hesitate to contact her.

We wish you a good and safe start in the new season!

Renata & Dieter

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