Riding Gear as well as Vehicle Equipment are very innovative hightech products in a dynamic, highly competetive Market Segment.
To find your “Best Fit“ can take a long time and could cost you a lot of money if you need to many loops.
In this Chapter we will give you information about Technics and Experiences to make this journey more efficient for you to find your „Best Fit“ asap.


++ Start ++ feel good ++ be safe ++ enjoy++

#1 Riding Gear


#2 Vehicle Equipment

#5 Navigation

#3 Travel Equipment

#6 Lifestyle

#4 Tires

#7 Everything is relative

#1.1 Riding Gear

Are you ready to ride in all wheather conditions ?

This Sub Chapter is intended for Riders who don´t want to be dependend and restricted from changing wheather conditions.

We all know the situation, – looking outside of the window or checking wheather foreacst with rearing clouds or temperature forecast below 10-15 Degree. Travelling yes or no ?
A really unsatisfactory situation which you should change immedeately!

What are the requirements on a suitable Riding Gear?
Waterproofed, durable, windproofed, breathable, comfortable, Ventilation functions, waterproofed pockets and zippers, high protection Standard/Protection Level 2+, can be combined, Abrasion resistent, high visibility/Reflection, colour-resitant, fashionable …

What are our Possibilites ?

ALL IN ONE Variant, consisting:
Waterproofed, windproofed 2-layered or 3-layered laminated Goretex Membran Jacket –and Pants, incl. Ventilation, Protection, waterproofed pockets ….
Can be combined, removable Thermo innerjacket respectively down inner jacket.

LAYER Variante, consisting:
Summer Jacket and Pants with Protection
Can be combined with Water- and windproofed GORE-TEX 3-Layer-Laminat Jacket and Pants

The decision between ALL IN ONE or LAYER can only be taken from you. Both Variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Pro: Dress on and ride, independend from actual and forecasted wheater conditions. No annoying dress, undress in case of rain or Temperature fluctations. From our point of view very good match in Temperatur Ranges between 0 and 25 degree as well as changing wheather conditons (sun-rain)

Con: Not comfortable for temperatures > 25 Degree, despite good ventilation functions

Pro: Best match for different Temperatur Ranges and Temperatures > 25 Degree
Con: Annoying need of dress and undress in case of changing wheather conditions (sun-rain, temperature variances)

In the coming months we also have to take this decision once again.

GORE-TEX / 2-3 Layer- LAMINAT / Waterpillar – what does it mean?
Really waterproofed? … or only resistent ? … what are the criterias and Norms ? How is it measured ?
We will give you some more information, if you are interested.

#1.2 Helmets

Flip – up helmet yes / no

During our Trips we don´t want to miss the advantages of a Flip-up helmet

  • No “take of“ during refuel process or boarder crossing
  • Fast Drinks and Snacks possible
  • Fast and efficient ventilation if you have to cross cities in high temperatures.


With this advantages we accept the higher weight.

Fazit Shoi Neotec 2:

  1. Pro:
    • Very comfortable
    • Good handling
    • Wide field of view
    • Sound/Noises acceptable
    • Integrated Sena Communacation System
    • Comfortable and “warm“ also in very cold Temperature Ranges

  2. Cons:
    • Chin – Ventilation from our point of view not sufficient
    • High Price Segment

  3. Next time we will choose for Flip-up helmets with sun shield.


  • Tight fit
  • Test ride to evaluate noises, which are dependend from your conditions

#5.3 Travel Planning

BASECAMP / BMW Navigator / Calimoto / Tomtom / …

Regarding Travel Planning we had two different approaches. Ranata had a very spontaneously approach with only a few points of interest.
Dieter prefered more detailled planning with Google Maps and Basecamp. Two „worlds“ clash with each other.

Actually we are combining both philosophies. For Trips such as Nordkap we provide a detailled planning with Basecamp. In this planning we include the most important points of interest as well as curvy landscape on – and offroad trips without traffic lights, highways.


  • Rough planning with Google Maps
  • Copy coordinates of points of interest from Google to Basecamp
  • Detailled planning in Basecamp
  • Transfer Trip to Navigator and Blue Tooth transfer from one Navigator to the second
  • Spontaneous Trip adaption/corrections if you see interesting alternative possibilities or you get recommendations from local insider

Travelling without a fixed daily destination !

We strongly recommend to start your daily trip without a fixed daily destination. You never know what happens during the day. Perhaps you meet interesting people, you find unexpectedly points of interests or you want to enjoy the sunset on your bike.
With a final daily destination you are limited, you are under pressure and not „free“.
This approach is not usual, try and enjoy !

In our BLOG or PODCAST we will give you more insights about our travel habits and experiences … visit us 

#7 Everything is relative

… Adventure with a different view …

We met this guys appr. 00:30pm 20km before Nordkap. They opened our eyes, – Adventure Travelling works also without High-End Equipment!

No GoreTex, no Alu-Cases, no 30 Liter Tank, no 136 Horsepower Bike .. GREAT !

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