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(BMW R1250GS Rallye Dakar)

April 2, 2021 – R1250GS Adventure Rallye Dakar

BMW Martin Edition

BMW R1250GS Adventure Rallye Dakar

Never GS ?

In spring 2019 we decided to escape from the German winter and travelled to Malaga, where we rented 2 BMW R1200GS. We enjoyed 8 days with perfect weather and street conditions in the dreamful ambiente of Andalusia . It was a very special experience for us , we never felt such a waftability of driving Motorbike as with this GS Bikes.

Back in Germany and ready for our first trip , we drove with our former Bikes (Renata BMWR1200RS, Dieter KTM 1290Superduke GT) only 300m , we stopped , looked in our eyes and said together. “we have to sell immediately”.

Already a few weeks later we took over our actual Bikes from BMW Martin in Lenggries.

With hindsight we see this day as start of our Transformation to Adventure Travellers.

With this Bikes the World is getting small

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Repsol Emotion pur

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Many years E motion pure. This dream of a S portbike I have to thank for thousands of grand km full of Emotion and Adrenalin…and all without electronic features Of course it was a must to combine the design with the well designed Dainese clothes

Honda CB1000R Fireblade is leading to race . T o protect myself I decided to go for a Naked Bike.

BMW R1200RS After a one day test ride I was surprised about the comfort of travelling with this RS. In sporty driven curves I touched sometimes unfortunately the street . This was finally a K.O. criteria for the RS

++ Supersportler ++ Naked Bike ++ Sporttourer ++ Big Enduro ++

Honda Fireblade: I was excited from Design, Power and Sound of this Bike. Honda Fireblade was long time (7years) my bike and first choice Of course the perfect designed clothes from Dainese was also a must  Ideally on short trips and countryside with long curves . Despite pain at wrist and neck , also longer distances , for example to Croatia , have been managed with fun

Honda CB1000R. Naked Bike. Wilfully I decided to go for Naked Bike. Funny to drive Alpine P asses and curvy countryside regions with this sporty , direct bike. For longer distances of course not the first choice .

BMW R1200RS. Wow, I never believed that travelling could so comfortable . BMW RS stands for ergonomy comfortable wind protection , many electronic features and good carriage and suspension . Sporty and a good fit to travel long distances … as long as the GS came around the corner

With the R1250GS BMW is combining all elementary attributes for us , inclusive unbelievable Offroad possibilities In addition the BMW Martin Design = perfectly happy

++4 Cylinder ++ Boxer ++

BMW R1200GS Supermoto

I wanted to have it special “. Offroad was no issue at this time. The agility in combination to the GS Attributes creates pure driving pleasure.

Some Supersport Bikes saw the GS mostly from the back.

BMW S1000 XR

The „ harmonized Beast“ ! Power an d Emotion pur. Unbelievable feeling in rpm ranges > 8000 rpm This Power in combination with a perfect Ergonomy Electronic features and Suspension keeps me swarming till today and that ´ s despite C hain instead Cardan and vibrations in the wrist This Aggregate is asking permanently to speed up and your driver licence is always in danger

KTM1290 Superduke GT

KTM, the BEAST, you have to know what you are doing 😉

This V2 is combinin g Torque and Power in a extraordinary way.

Despite KTM is describing the GT as capable for Touring, we didn ´ t see enough Touring Attributes for our needs

++ GS Supermoto ++ Adventure Sport Bike ++ Power tourer ++ Big Enduro ++

GS Supermoto, with a good tyre fit pure driving pleasure on Alpine Passes and curvy countryside regions.

The XR was phantastic i n many different disciplines . Travelling , C ountryside and also on H ighways. Unbelievable power of the 4 Cylinder Aggregate. On Alpine Passes we had some competetions with the torque bikes GS and KTM, but the XR never disappointed Carriage , Suspension, Ergonomy and Electronics really top. Possible to travel long distances , but the 4 Cylinder is asking permanently to speed up

Superduke GT, a phantastic V2 Engine with a great combination of Torque and Power. Very close contact and feeling to the street but despite GT it is in our view a „Ready to Race “ Bike and not the fist choice for our expanded Trips

With the R1250GS BMW is combining all elementary attributes for us , inclusive unbelievable Offroad possibilities In addition the BMW Martin Design = perfectly happy

++ Boxer ++ 4 Cylinder ++ Boxer ++

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