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A composition of the highest demands on functionality, technology, practicality, individuality, design and exclusivity.

A dream bike with which you will dive into another world from day one – also in emotional terms.

Whether for a weekend, a short vacation or a trip around the world under the toughest conditions – with the duo93WordlTravelEdition you are always well equipped.

The duo93WorldTravelEdition is an overall solution that has been individually put together for you and meets the highest standards of quality, ergonomics, chassis, design, protection, luggage, lighting, exhaust system, fastening systems, tire selection and service.

In the overall concept, only tried and tested components from premium manufacturers are used, which have also fully convinced us in daily use over many tens of thousands of kilometers.

The basic equipment already contains a large number of elementary components that should not be missing for carefree driving pleasure in all travel and off-road situations.

With the duo93WorldTravelEdition, a touring motorcycle was composed for the highest demands under a wide variety of driving conditions.

The motorcycle is much more than a laborious compilation of individual components from different manufacturers – it is a composition of the most tried and tested components from different premium manufacturers, which precisely in this composition has proven itself excellently over many tens of thousands of kilometers under all road, off-road, climatic and weather conditions to have.


The basis of this exclusive composition is a brand new BMW R1250 GS Adventure or GS of the latest model and year of manufacture, with full technical equipment and full factory warranty.

With supplementary packages tailored to your needs (see below), we build a dream bike for you that leaves nothing to be desired and offers you a wide variety of options.

Duo93adventure as well as a technically experienced sales advisor from BMW Martin is at your disposal for all questions regarding the configuration and the entire process.

Assembly and sales are carried out by BMW Martin – naturally with a full factory guarantee.



The basis of the design package is a special paint * of almost all components in duo93adventure style or individual coloring. A distinctive adventure look is achieved, among other things, by the Desierto cladding and hand protectors from Touratech in special paintwork, including an adjustable windshield and optionally with the unmistakable round additional headlights.

The design package is supplemented by an individual wrapping of the windshield, the aluminum case and any other additions on the tank.

(For this purpose, please provide us with print-ready data and precise details of the placement)

* If you like colors from the BMW standard color configuration, this can also be used as a basis.


A high level of security with the best performance and comfort.

The Touratech Suspension opens up completely new dimensions of agility and dynamism for the driver. Adapted to driver size and weight, planned payload, driving style and area of ​​use, you will feel safe and comfortable from day one.

The original struts are replaced by components suitable for expeditions. These offer unmatched robustness and the highest level of driving comfort. All functions of the electronic chassis are fully retained thanks to Plug & Travel technology.

Thanks to the Touratech Suspension lowering kit, Renata can reach the ground with both feet even if the body is 164cm tall, and that with full off-road suitability. If necessary, deeper benches can also be adapted to the body size.

The chassis tailored to you in combination with the perfect seat should not be missing in any configuration.


Only with a driving position that is optimally adapted to you, with coordinated wind protection and control elements, can pure driving pleasure arise – even over many hours.

This is achieved using tried and tested components from the adventure professional Touratech.

Desierto cladding kit, aspherical safety rearview mirror, DEFENSA Expedition hand protectors, long-distance travel footrests, gear lever adjustable in length and foldable, folding stainless steel brake lever, handlebar riser if required, comfort seat, splash guard license plate, side stand extension complete this package.


The protection package offers optimal protection for the toughest operations and should not be missing in any configuration for a carefree ride.

Here, too, we rely on the tried and tested components from the adventure professional Touratech, which have been tried and tested under extreme conditions.

Engine protection, cylinder protection, headlight protection for main headlights and BMW auxiliary headlights, relocation of the cardan ventilation for carefree driving through water, radiator protection stainless steel, cardan protection and cardan crash pad protect your motorcycle in the best possible way.


Here we only recommend waterproof and extremely robust components from Touratech, the ZEGA EVO X special systems case system in different sizes, inner pockets, inner lid pocket, Extreme tank bag, Extreme case lid pocket, 25 liter pannier bag, Extreme additional bags, aluminum drinking bottle holder, canister holder and 2L oil canister are part of our configuration . Of course, topcase variants are also possible.

We would be happy to advise you on a configuration that is optimally adapted to you.


A tool box for Touratech pannier racks is included in the basic package.

As an option, we can offer you a tool set that is precisely tailored to your configuration.


Being seen and seeing is an elementary component to significantly improve your safety.

Clearwater Lights’ high-tech products are arguably the most perfect solution for motorcycle adventurers.

They convinced us 100% – especially when driving at night under extreme conditions and in the rain.

Coupled to the bus system of the motorcycle, the system offers perfect operation with the existing BMW control elements and can of course also be dimmed using the handwheel.

Do you like the adventure design and the possibility of significantly increasing your safety with 10,000 lumens?


Would you like to adapt your sound to the moment (3 different sound modes) and enjoy riding a motorcycle with all your senses?

The Jekyll & Hyde exhaust system offers the ultimate driving experience. The volume in Jekyll mode is below the original BMW exhaust.

The Exhaust – an electronically adjustable exhaust system, 100% legal with European type approval.


Kugelflex, from our point of view the most universal and multifunctional fastening system made of high-strength aluminum, for professional, stable fastening – even for the most difficult fastening tasks.

Would you like a professional and stable attachment of action cams, smartphones, GPS, navigation systems?

We would be happy to advise you and equip your dream motorcycle with optimal mounting options according to your requirements and wishes.


Here, too, you have full flexibility with the initial assembly.

We recommend the Heidenau K60Scout for 50% off-road – 50% on-road, and the new Heidenau Ranger for 70% off-road – 30% on-road.

If the majority of the roads are on the road, we recommend the Conti Trail Attack or Conti Road Attack.

You are also welcome to choose the tire of your choice.


You will be accompanied during the entire inquiry and configuration phase by both Renata & Dieter (duo93adventure) and a technically experienced sales advisor from BMW Martin to configure the ultimate adventure bike that is perfect for you.

After joint configuration, you will receive a detailed offer with details of the delivery date.

Of course, all prices include the assembly of all configured components.

Your dream bike is “Ready for Adventure” when it is handed over.

* Since this is a tailor-made, individually assembled bike for you, the delivery times differ from the standard delivery times.


We offer worldwide shipping as far as possible. Please tell us the destination country and we will check the possibilities.


The compilation of a packing list is a very complex and arduous task, but one of the key parameters for carefree travel.

Are you planning a longer trip or just a long weekend? We give you individual advice based on our previous experience, including product descriptions and manufacturer links. If you are also a photo and video enthusiast, we will give you advice based on our experience regarding action cams, camera equipment, drones, storage media, etc.


The variety of products is enormous. There are also a wide variety of concepts on the market.

But what is the “best fit” for you? Which functions and properties are the most important for your application? Often you need a lot of attempts or make a lot of “bad investments” before you have found the optimum for yourself. Here, too, we can assist you with words and deeds to find your “best fit”.


You are going on a longer trip and want to teach yourself the most important technical skills for self-help. In a briefing lasting several hours, we can bring you closer to the most important elements such as tires, changing tires, removing wheels, oil and water levels, changing batteries, etc.

If you choose your dream bike with us, you automatically have the opportunity to become one of the first members of our GOLD CLUB.

If you are interested, just ask us about our ideas. Without obligation, of course.

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