100% performance in job life in combination with extensive adventure travels, – how can this be combined?

For a long time we had the opinion that both fields can be combined with each other and often times we wondered how we could realize it.

Those who follow us may have noticed that we spent a high amount of time in order to drive about 45-50 thousand kilometres per year.

Almost every weekend (in all seasons) from friday to sunday evening we dived into our world of adventures. We included every holiday and our driving days often lasted until late night. Very often we started looking for accommodations from 8 pm and sometimes we even missed dinner.

Surely by now many of you will question our mental health now and back then. But even if it may sound crazy we returned from every journey happily and with full energy. The feeling of freedom, all the great impressions we made, the people we met on the way and the new friendships that developed, gave us energy and affirmation.

That’s exactly what we consider the fascination of motorcycle adventures to be and we wouldn’t like to miss any day of this excessive time.

To be honest to ourselves though we have to admit that we  added a fulltime job of adventure travels to our already pretty tight corset of time.

The desire of change matured inside of us…

We terminated our jobs, canceled our rented house and got rid of a lot of daily ballast. We realized that there were no compromises if we truly want to live our dream.

 ONE WAY – EINE LEBENSREISE …. for a indefinite time…

Renata & Dieter I duo93adventure

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