Safety First

Easygoing Motorcycling , well receiving learning an d reflection . This topics we want to spend a own chapter . We are looking forward to share your experiences to make our passion of Motorcycling more save.

Our Target: Reduction of possible Risks

++ Easy going motorcycling ++ Well receiving ++ Learning and reflection

#1 Behaviour Influencing Factors

#2 Bike always ,,fit"

#3 Driver always ,,fit"

#4 Protection Equipment

#5 Training

#6 Just in Case

#1.1 Motorcycle Control

Elementary for easygoing and safe Motorcycling . As long you are busy handling your bike, you are not fully concentrated fun factor is limited. To drive safe and easygoing you need routine , experiences and you should develop a sense of foreseeing situations.

#1.2 Rules

We imposed some Rules for ourselves , which we follow very consequent

#1.6 Driving Excellence

From a statistic point of view Motorcyclists drives only appr. 3000 KM year in average With some month brake in winter where you loose partly the feeling and training effect .

#1.9 Speed

A combination of Arrogance Competition thinking the force in a group less experience and the thinking your guardian angel will protect you , is as Russian Roulette“ and a play with our lives.

#1.10 Driving in Groups

#2.4 Choice of Tires

The best choice of Tires which match to your driving characteristic – a life insurance !

A good choice of the tire category which match to your driving style is elementary for your safety and fun of motorcycling. In addition it is recommended to be updated in the newest innovations and technologies of tire manufacturers. Only some square Milimeter are dependend for your safety.

Tire categories: Touring, Sport, Sport-Touring, Racing, Offroad, „Hybrids Touring-Offroad“
Drive Characteristics: Sporty, Tourer, Summer – or „All year Driver“, Temperature Ranges, expected Mileage, Onroad, Offroad, On-and Offroad

Diagonal Tires are classic and suitable for speeds till appr. 240km/h.
Radial Tires fits for speeds above 300km/h.

Some years ago we didn´t pay so much attention for this elementary philosophy and we chose a Sport tire. Under normal conditions it´s challenging to reach the Temperature Ranges which leads to a perfect Grip of Sport Tire. We drove mostly on streets with different road conditions, dry and wet. Obviously a Sport Tire was not the best choice.

If we are honest, the choice of tires has also something to do with image. A tire should have a good design. Many motorcyclists are combining the choice of tire and the width of not used Rubber on the side with you driving skills. Don´t take care about this ! The choice of tire should be a rational decision based on YOUR driving characteristics!

Some years ago we changed the tires from Renata from Pirelli Pilot Power to Metzeler Road Tec 01. After her first Kilometers she had a broad grin in her face. She never believed, that such a change with a better fit to the street conditions leads to such a huge positive increase of Grip and comfort. 🙂

In the Chapter Equipment / Tires, with using our experiences, we will report about choice of tires and we will add Test Results from our point of view.

#2.6 Lights

The Importance not to get overlooked…. one of the most often causes of accidents

#3.6 Condition in Motorcycling

Loss of conenctration is a creeping prozess and therefore a high risk.

Usually 1,5h motorcycling between brakes are recommended.

From our point of view Motorcycle Adventure Travelling is comparable with sport disciplines. As more you train, as better your condition.
As better your condition, as more you can increase your Range per Day, but never force the Range too much.

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