THE FEELING OF NEVER BEING FINISHED I IT’S TIME TO START. From the idea to the implementation

The last few weeks before it starts are the most exciting ones. It is a mixture of anticipation, excitement and confrontation with the reality that our lives will change fundamentally in a few weeks. A life on the motorcycle, no house / apartment as a retreat, no full wardrobe, no refrigerator and the reduction to the essentials. How will we can live with this change? One or the other sleepless night accompanies us.

At the time of the decision, it was only given which bikes we were betting on. Everything concerning Riders – and Motorcycle equipment was open. Also on which technology we rely in terms of camera, drone, action cams, PC and storage media, voice recorder, etc.

Camping as well as choosing the right camping equipment is also quite new territory for us.

The creation of the famous “packing list” was probably the most complex task and associated with a lot of research and high investments.

We will publish the detailed packing list with links to the manufacturers successively. If we find enough timeslots, we will also provide the products with test reports.

In the section Motorcycle Equipment/Vehicle Equipment we will go into detail about all features of our bikes.

The same in the chapter Rider Equipment/Riding Gear.

The fixation of the goal was quite simple, the many ToDos in execution and also to muster the courage to make elementary life-changing decisions was by far the harder part.

– von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung.

 ONE WAY – EINE LEBENSREISE …. for a indefinite time…

Renata & Dieter I duo93adventure

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