STARTJuly 2021


ContinentsEuropa, Asian, Ozeanien, Amerika, Afrika

RouteIntuitiv und spontan

The idea.

We can still remember exactly what happened on the eighth of September 2019 – that day the idea of doing a world trip on our motorcycles was born.

It’s about the pursuit of taking a new direction in our lives and to experience our joint passion more intensively. Therefore we have to get rid of as much ballast and obligations as possible.

The dream of exploring the word with a „free head“ and little heteronomy has anchored in our minds.

We were “infected” by this idea and the following weeks and months we dedicated our time to this passion and interest by reading plenty of travel reports and books.

Starting date and duration.

While dining at our favorite Italian restaurant with a glas of Primitivo in May 2020 we decided to start our trip in july 2021. We estimated a duration of 12 months +x. Now we were already excited and we roughly set the scene. But what have we done?

With this fixing of Dates a joyful anticipation arised. We would have liked to skip the preparation part and felt like starting motorbiking right the next day. But a lot of work still stood in front of us.

How will we explain this insane idea to our children? How will we manage everything with our jobs? How will we sort the household goods out?

Which equipment will we need? What are we expecting from this journey? How will we live? How can a reintegration to our work life take place?

And of course we were sometimes doubting the whole idea. So far our lives were shaped by continuity and the feeling of safety. But now we are going to choose a future of uncertainty and plenty of risks?

We were also thinking about the reason of this project. Maybe it’s the urge of adventure seeking, a kind of midlife crises and/ or an escape from everyday life and its obligations. We haven’t found an answer yet but by now it doesn’t matter to us anymore.

We would like to move into a new direction in our lives, a direction that fulfils us and gives us energy and joy.

Our boundaries have shifted.

It should be a journey without a fixed end and we will choose our route intuitively and spontaneously.

Now our starting date moves closer rapidly and we are looking forward to this adventure, to every encounter that will enrich our lives – and maybe even you will play a role in this?

We are going to capture our experiences and show them virtually. Hereby we hope that we can also give your every day life a dash of adventure and wanderlust.

We would be delighted if we can give you an understanding of the fascination of motorcycle adventures and encourage and inspire you to experience this fascination.


 ONE WAY – EINE LEBENSREISE …. for a indefinite time…

Renata & Dieter I duo93adventure

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