To the EAST, SOUT, WEST, NORTH ? Which continents are a “must have” for us? At what season you can travel as best to which region on a motorbike? How is the Corona situation in the respective region? What the political mood looks like ? Which documents are needed ?

According to our fist plans we wanted to travel to East. Many countries are our favors as Iran, Pakistan, Tadschikistan, Kirgisistan, Russia, Mongolia. India and Himalaya has a special attractiveness for us, before we wanted to go further to Souteast Asia.

Due to Corona, no planning is possible. We are forced to improvise with a high flexibility.

If we are honest to ourselves, that´s exactly what we like to have. Full flexibility on our route.

Actually, due to the improved infection numbers, we have many countries in mind which we can visit. Let yourself be surprised.

At the latest when it gets colder, we will go to southern regions.

 ONE WAY – EINE LEBENSREISE …. for a indefinite time…

Renata & Dieter I duo93adventure

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