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Die ersten 10 Wochen des neuen "Way of Life"

Die ersten 10 Wochen des neuen "Way of Life"

Renata und Dieter Plesa Eltschkner |

How are we doing? Is it how we imagined it? Are we missing something on our NEW WAY OF LIFE?

What are our findings from the first 10 weeks “on the road”?

The way we travel has changed fundamentally. In the last few weeks we have been traveling more consciously, without time pressure and without fixed dates. If we like it, we sometimes stay in one place for several days and immerse ourselves in the local culture, each time making very interesting acquaintances with a wide variety of people.

Regardless of where we are, we quickly come into contact with locals and all kinds of travelers. Whether cyclist, backpacker, short time traveler, hotel manager, guesthouse host, pensioner, students, – we get into conversation with a wide variety of people and share our mutual experiences and philosophies of life – a real enrichment!

We met Daniel, a 76 year old biology professor from New Zealand, living in Canada for the second time in an accommodation. He rides his small converted bicycle with minimal luggage (short cycling pants, short T-shirt in cool temperatures) through Iceland for several months. We spend a very interesting evening with him and Daniel opened our eyes, which is still possible at the age of 76. When asked why he hasn’t switched to an e-bike yet, he says that he will do it when he gets old and that would be at least another 10 years.

Eric, a hotel manager who has only been running the Sandafel Hotel for a few weeks and actually works in export, was the reason for us to stay a little longer. He takes us to a typically Icelandic, spontaneously organized party with a small concert and we get a taste of Icelandic culture.

In the north we meet Sjöfn. She lets us in on the Icelandic history and history of her farm. For the first time we see the Northern Lights for hours.

In Iceland in particular, we are confirmed in the fact that you can get along very well with little and without too much luxury. Many houses are made of a simple wooden structure, often provided with colorful corrugated iron cladding and roofs, and they withstand the harsh climate very well. Water is free, 90% of geothermal energy is used for heating and hot water.

We don’t miss a sofa or a fridge. What we miss most, however, is a highpressure cleaner. We drive a lot off-road on wet and dirty roads and we and our bikes look accordingly. To be honest, if we are hosts of a guesthouse we would also hesitate if someone like us was at the door.

What we underestimated is the administrative effort, the handling, sorting out, securing and editing of our images and film material. The handling and professional operation of our equipment, updating the homepage and social media channels, setting up a YouTube channel and setting up a future online shop. We currently need around 2 office days per week for these activities.

After the first 10 weeks, many of the everyday things of the NEW WAY have settled in better, apart from a highpressure cleaner we don’t miss anything and we are looking forward to the next adventure in North-West Europe.

Renata & Dieter